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+ Practice A3 Format 
Mon,23-Sep-19  20:15  Autumn Equinox Dance OutRope and Anchor, Dunham Massey WA14 5RP  Y:10 N:20 ?:0015/9/19 7:45
Tue,24-Sep-19  19:30  Trafford ParkinsonsConfirmed: Hanna's Mum has asked if we can dance for Trafford Parkinsons group. Larkhill Centre Timperley. WA15 7AZ  Y:09 N:19 ?:0215/9/19 9:03
Sat,28-Sep-19  14:00  Morris Minors PracticeCommunity Room Tesco's Altrincham WA15 9QT  Y:03 N:25 ?:0211/9/19 12:13
Sat,19-Oct-19  14:00  Morris Minors PracticeCommunity Room Tesco's Altrincham WA15 9QT  Y:02 N:26 ?:0214/6/19 17:36
Sat,16-Nov-19  14:00  Morris Minors PracticeCommunity Room Tesco's Altrincham WA15 9QT  Y:03 N:26 ?:013/9/19 23:03
Sat,14-Dec-19  11:30  Lymm DickensianLet's break with tradition and do this as it appears in the program. Dance in the Village Centre at 11:30, then the procession. Meet at Spread Eagle 11:15  Y:09 N:20 ?:0114/9/19 22:13
Mon,16-Dec-19  19:00  Christmas Dinner  Y:08 N:22 ?:0011/9/19 12:14
Mon,23-Dec-19  19:00  Christmas DinnerWe need to decide between Dec 16th and Dec 23rd for the Christmas dinner  Y:03 N:27 ?:0011/9/19 12:14
Thu,26-Dec-19  12:00  Boxing Day dance outNormal plan is: 12:00 Rope and Anchor 13:00 Vine 14:00 Dunham Massey Hall 16:00 Spread Eagle  Y:01 N:29 ?:0011/9/19 12:15
Tue,31-Dec-19  08:00  New Years Eve CeilidhTesting interest for a 2019 New Years Eve Ceilidh  Y:05 N:23 ?:021/9/19 20:04
Thu,9-Jan-20  17:30  Manchester Cider WassailProvisional on enough Dancers and Musicians. Manchester Northern Quarter. Via David.  Y:04 N:26 ?:0011/9/19 12:15
Sat,18-Jan-20  16:00  Private Booking: Wassail Dunham MasseyProvisional on enough dancers and musicians. The address is Boundary Farm, Sawpit Street, Dunham Massey WA14 5SJ  Y:09 N:20 ?:0110/9/19 20:46
Sat,16-May-20  13:45  Dunham Massey Rose Queen.Provisional on enough dancers and musicians. in 2019 procession left at 14:00.  Y:03 N:27 ?:005/9/19 9:52
Sun,7-Jun-20  13:00  John Leigh Park big lunchReserved for John Leigh Park big Lunch  Y:03 N:27 ?:0011/7/19 23:17
Sun,9-Aug-20  16:00  Lymm Rush BearingReserved for Lymm Rushbearing  Y:00 N:30 ?:0019/8/19 19:28

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