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This Site
The MEMBERS ONLY area is password protected.
It won't interest visitors to the site, but it helps keep us organised!
Take your time and browse the rest at your leisure, and then come and see for yourself
at the Spread Eagle(Lymm) on Mondays!

Recent Changes
21st Dec. ’16 Re-structure 2016 album into folders, added album annotation to front page. Changed Facebook Icon tooltext to warn of need to login.
8th Nov. ’16 Changed F/B icon to point to Bollin Group AFAIKS, Jenny S is the Admin.
10th Oct. ’16 Added Pat J. (new member) to site.
6th Aug. ’16 Added Patrick F. (new member) to site.
5th May. ’16 Added URL expansion to mainpage user commitments table.
4th May. ’16 Added late event commitment change warning. This will email designated members (administrators) if an event commitment changes WITHIN 4 DAYS of the event.
Implemented checks for presence of Caller and Lead Musician in event display(s). This last will mean that a given event will NOT become valid (green) until AT LEAST ONE of the members from each of the above categories are committed.
15th September. ’15 Added Timperley Fair Video link to LINKS page.
10th September. ’15 Corrected code that counts dancers and musicians available on FULL events page.

Older Changes
11th August. ’15 Added HTML header ‘Expire’ to defeat ‘stale page’ browser caching problem.
10th August. ’15 Updated image display to 3 per minute.
4th August. ’15 Added Member Rachel and Bob‘s PRAGUE vid. in contacts.
17th March. ’15 Added Broadcast Message Function (see MEMBERS ONLY)
12th March. ’15 Added commitments list for identified members.
1st March. ’15 Photo Uploader now there - see Documents for instructions.
12th February. ’15 Document Download and Upload pages re-written - see MEMBERS ONLY.
A start made on Photo Uploader - Watch this Space
26th January. ’15 Web site has been moved onto one of my own servers -you can see a picture of it here
Several ‘Glitches’ have been spotted and fixed. Let us know of any more!
20th October. ’14 Only active members in memberinfo and member commitment drop-downs.
19th October. ’14 Tune page re-written.
8th October. ’14 New Icons for Diary; Bugfix to member’s Login.
6th October. ’14 Added lillibolero to tunes book - also mp3 & pdf in documents area.
4th October. ’14 Added MAPIT module to record Venue locations (still needs a bit of work)
Password recording method changed, Diary Module updated.
‘Eye Candy’ and ‘book-farce’ icon added to front page.


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