Bollin Morris Music.

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Dark girl dressed in blue
(For Rochester)
Just as the Tide was Flowing
(For Just as the Tide was Flowing)
(For Skirmish)
(For Porlock hill)
Upton on Severn
(For Upton on Severn)
Three Rusty Swords
(For Cheshire Rounds (1))
the Dusty Miller
(Cheshire Rounds (2))
Three Around Three
(For Stockton Heath)
Shropshire Reel
(For Much Wenlock)
Bluebell Polka
(For Peopleton)
Jump at the Sun
(Worcester Hey)
Uncle Bernard's
(For Tinners Rabbit)
Fairy Dance
(For Clifton Silsbury)
Cock of the North
(For Bromsberrow Heath)
Cuckoo's Nest, The
(For Dance Cuckoo's Nest)
Big Ship
(White Ladies Aston (1))
Mrs Gayton's
(White Ladies Aston (2))
DorsetShire Reel
(White Ladies Aston (3))
Mr Moore's Hornpipe
(For Lorenz's Butterfly)
Not for Joe
(For Not For Joe)
Speed the Plough
(For Morning Star)
Apple Tree Wassail
(For Alan's Wassail at Boundary Farm)
The Trumpet Hornpipe
(For Kells)
(For Twiglet)
Welly boot
(For Welly Boot)
Soapy Town Polka
(Soapy Town (1))
Four Up
(Soapy Town (2))
Bodmin Riding
(For Procession (1).)
Tragajorran Furry
(For Procession (2))
Keel Row
(For Pershore (1))
(For Pershore (2))

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